Tutorial to Stake your NFT(s)

Little Rabbit
1 min readApr 3, 2023


Tutorial to Stake your LTRBT NFT(s) ( 2023) is here.

Requirements :

=> LTRBT NFT ( Feb Edition)

=>BNB worth $2 for gas fee

  1. Head over to http://nftstaking.littlerabbitswap.com/ in your Dapps browser ( Trust wallet Dapps browser or on any Desktop browser supporting Web3 wallet connections such as Metamask)
  2. Click Connect button and click Browser option. That would request you to approve the wallet connection to the website. Click connect.
  3. Now you can see the NFT(s) available to stake in “Not Staked” Section.
  4. Under that section, choose the NFT you wish to stake and click the stake button corresponding to that NFT.
  5. You will be required to approve two transactions ( approval and stake). Click approve for both of them.
  6. Once done, try refreshing the page and connect your wallet again. You can see your NFT(s) staked in “Staked Section” and view the rewards in the main dashboard ( They can be viewed only after 1 hour).
  7. You can click claim whenever you want to claim your rewards, but check the txn fee for claiming and the rewards value before claiming to be economically sustainable.

Video Tutorial is posted here : https://t.me/littlerabbitann/436