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3 min readNov 12, 2022


Hello #Littlerabbitfam.
We have received countless DMs and messages in our group that many of the community members have missed migrating from v1 to v2 despite giving numerous chances.
Thus we have decided to do something for them. We have spent countless days thinking what we can do and have come up with this plan which not only solves the problem of migration but also works as progressive development for Little Rabbit Project.Please read the below information completely to know what we have planned.

Our Plan:
Moving forward, we will be launching $LITTLERABBIT on Bitgert chain along with a bridge thus making our project a Multichain project.
Bitgert Chain is an EVM-compatible blockchain with gas fees as low as $0.00000001 per transaction.
Remember we are just making LTRBT a multichain project. LTRBT on BSC still trades as usual. We are just making it accessible on Bitgert chain as well.
It is just like how some cryptocurrencies are present in different chains, for example Shiba Inu is on both Ethereum Blockchain and also on
BSC Blockchain.
We are already in contact with Bitgert team as well as Multichain team ( Multichain will setup bridge from BSC to Bitgert Chain).

Our Main focus will be on BSC and also on Bitgert Chain.

Why are we doing this?

You must be aware that we have over 400k + holders in BSC and it’s impossible for us to airdrop them on BSC network as it takes at least 55 cents ($0.55) to airdrop one wallet.
and assuming at least 20k wallets it’s almost 20,000 * 0.55 = $11000 just in gas fee. We have airdropped around 12k wallets in total till now and have spent a minimum of $7k just in gas fees( which we have acquired by draining v1 liquidity + marketing taxes). But now it will be impossible for us to airdrop more wallets as we can’t keep spending all the marketing
funds in airdropping.
So we have decided to use Bitgert chain for airdropping which has gas fee as low as $0.00001 per txn. Based on this airdropping 100k wallets costs just around $1 which is very
economical for us and you get your tokens as well.
And also this would invite the users on Bitgert chain into our project.
Pretty soon we will be launching on ETH network as well so that ETH whales could join in our project.


Below are the benefits of launching LTRBT on Bitgert Chain simultaneously :
=> Exposure to Bitgert Chain investors.
=> Able to airdrop to most of the community irrespective of their tokens value. ( even as low as 0.1 cent)
=>Increases holder count which appeals new investors.

When are we doing this?
We wanted to do this asap, but with the present market conditions we are thinking this is not the best time to launch on another Chain.
So we will wait for the market to stabilise and launch.
This time we will be providing 24 hours time to fill the form. Only those who have filled this form will receive the airdrop (Even if you have filled earlier, you need to fill this form again).

We are also working on something which will help us send tokens to users who have bought v1 after the first migration ended ( only tokens which have been bought before the migration ended).

Further Info and dates will be shared soon. We will be posting a poll along with this article. Please participate in that.

Note: If anyone fuds / shares false information regarding this issue, they will be banned right away. Read the post completely .



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