LTRBT NFT Mint is live now.

Little Rabbit
1 min readFeb 27, 2023


Instructions to mint your NFT :

  1. Head over to on your Trust wallet Dapps Browser or any browser supporting web3 wallets .
  2. Click Connect Wallet button.
  3. If you are using Trust Wallet, Click Browser wallet in the given options, if you are using metamask, click Metamask. And click Connect to connect your wallet to the website.
  4. Now click the Mint button. Then approve the transaction in your respective wallets to mint the NFT.
  5. That’s it. You have minted your LTRBT NFT ( Wait for Confirmation).
  6. You can view your NFT(s) on TofuNFT or Click NFT(s) in your Trust Wallet.

Video Tutorial for Minting on Trust Wallet :

Click Here :

  • > Remember the Mint price is 0.1 bnb. So hold atleast 0.105 BNB in your wallet ( to pay for gas fee).
  • -> Tutorial is almost similar for minting on metamask. Just follow the instructions here.
  • -> Only one NFT Mint per wallet. Feel free to use another wallet to mint.
  • -> The Total Supply is just 100. So the minting will be kept open only till all the NFT(S) are minted.
  • -> Staking Platform for the NFT(S) is under development. Stay tuned to the announcements for more updates.