Date for LTRBT Final Migration is out

Little Rabbit
1 min readFeb 16, 2023


Hello #littlerabbitfam

As promised earlier, we are still here for the members who didn’t migrate their v1 tokens to v2.

If you don’t know about the plan, we recommend you to read this article :

The new form will be opened soon, in which you should enter your wallet details etc to participate in the next migration. (Further rules will be shared on the day of form opening, but remember not to buy v1 anymore).

Form Opening Details:

Date : March 12th 2023 ( Previously 5th March, but postponed to 12th March(

Time : Opens at 09:00 AM UTC

Remember that the form will be opened for only 24 hours for you to fill in. We have scheduled the event on Sunday so that everyone can participate in the migration event. Please don’t give us any more excuses, and make yourself free on that day to fill the form. And the token distribution time is not decided yet. Please don’t keep asking questions for which the answers are already stated here.

Remember, this migration is only to migrate from v1 to v2. If you hold v2, you need not worry about this.

Note: If anyone fuds / shares false information regarding this issue, they will be banned right away. Read the post completely .