An Announcement for LTRBT Token Stakers on LTRBT DEX

Little Rabbit
1 min readMar 20, 2023


Hello #littlerabbitfam

As you are aware, our DEX got compromised earlier.
So at the moment, users are unable to stake and unstake LTRBT tokens , but can only harvest rewards.

So this is our plan for the affected users :
1) Within the next 2 weeks, we would airdrop 50% of the LTRBT tokens staked by the users on BSC to their respective wallets.
2)2–3 Weeks from then we will airdrop the remaining 50% of LTRBT tokens staked on BSC.
3) In the meanwhile, we will set up a new token staking pool on Trustfi for the users to stake LTRBT tokens. Also, rest assured LTRBT-LP staking is working fine on LTRBT dex without any issues. This is for the users who staked LTRBT tokens only.

4) Also, as a token of inconvenience, we will airdrop the token stakers some LTRBT tokens on Bitgert chain once it’s live.

If you have staked LTRBT tokens on LTRBT dex , fill the below form.
We would airdrop irrespective of filling the form, but this would speed up the process :