A message regarding the recent migration.

Little Rabbit
1 min readNov 8, 2022


Hello Guys🐰

Please read my message carefully.

If you have filled our form for migration, make sure you have read our rules.
If you follow all the rules, you would have received your v2 tokens.
Learn to read the instructions properly.
We are not responsible for the mistakes you make.

And wait for the third migration instead of dming us your wallets.

⛔️These are our conditions, Read them | Understand them⛔️

If you didn’t receive your tokens it might be because of the following reasons :

❌Bought v1 after migration ended.
❌Value of the tokens is less than 2 cents.
❌Didn’t fill the form on 20th .
❌Submitted duplicate entries
❌Didn’t send tokens to the wallet provided.
❌Clicked on other options.

This our ratio

V1 / 100,000,000 = V2

Learn this before you blame us and dm our admins. We have received a lot of dms protesting and blaming us, but they are the ones who made the mistake and broke our rules.



Little Rabbit